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    Ch 1

        Chii giggled, she had had the best day with her friends and was bitter sweet about the summer, she was small for being 8, and was the youngest of her friends, she had brown hair and green eyes and ran into her house, it was a 1 story, pretty big house and she opened the door into the living room. “I’m home!” she called throwing her bag against the couch. “welcome home Chii” her mother called, she was a beautiful woman, golden hair and green eyes, she smiled sweetly at her. “hi mommy, where’s daddy and brother?” she asked confused. “at the store, I asked them to do some shopping for me.” she giggled. “really are they getting stuff for dinner? I’m starving.” she ran into the kitchen. “no I asked them to pick up some things to help with your bed wetting.” her mom didn’t sound happy. “I already have a plastic pad on it.” she looked at her confused. “I know sweetheart but mommy still has to do you bedding every day. This will save on the water bill.” chi didn’t understand what her mother meant but shrugged digging through the refrigerator looking for a cheese stick.

        Her father walked in with a few bags and her brother had one as well, her father, a tall muscled man with brown hair and blue eyes, and her older brother, about 12, had blond hair and blue eyes. “here you’ll need these and ill put these in her room.” he explained to her mom and walked back to her room. “ come in here Chii.” her mom set a bag on the counter and lead her to the couch in the living room. “but my cheese stick.” she complained. “later sweetie.” She smiled and lifted her onto the couch laying her on her back. Her brother handed over his bag and headed to help their dad. Her mom pulled stuff out but she couldn’t see from where she was laying. Her mom stripped her of her pants and undies an slid something soft under her. “what are you…?” she started, confused. “I’ll explain in a minuet sweetie.” something was put on her bottom and the soft thing under her was wrapped around her and strapped to her. She sat up looking at a diaper. “what did you?!” she started again. “from now on your wearing diapers. If you take it off you will be punished, if you misbehave you will be punished, if you are rude you will be punished. You will not use the bathroom you will use your diaper, and you will only be changed every 4 hours, understand?” her mother looked at her approvingly. “but mommy…” her mother interrupted again. “only me and daddy can change you, or if your at a friends house their mommy or daddy.” her mother made clear. Chii sighed dejected “yes mommy.”
        her mom took her by the hand and lead her to her room. “its time for your nap,” she announced her brother AJ looked like he would crack up laughing. “but I’m not tired.” she complained as her mother put her into bed. “I didn’t ask if you were tired, I said your taking a nap.” she crossed her arms and sang her a lullaby as her dad and brother left the room. To her surprise she started to fall asleep and her mother gave her a teddy bear she hugged it falling asleep.

        When she woke she was wet, and she noticed the bear was almost as big as her. “oh good your awake.” her mother walked in. she pushed on her diaper and it squished into her making her cringe. “you see, this is why you have to wear them.” she sighed changing her. “what time is it mommy?” she asked sleepily. “its dinner time.” her mom smiled and she realized how long she had slept. as she was finished up she put her bear down and followed her mom back to the kitchen.

        She saw a high chair sitting next to her mothers chair and before she could ask she was lifted into it and given a baby bottle. “I cant drink this mommy its for babies.” she complained. “but you are a baby, your in a diaper and a high chair, a bottle is the next thing you need.” she smiled eating her dinner, it was meatloaf, and Chii detested meatloaf and was happy for the alternative. She sucked down the bottle as her mother ate, after she was done she got a jar of baby food out and started to spoon feed her. She opened her mouth to protest and the taste of strained peas hit her tongue and she went to spit it out but her mother covered her mouth. “swallow it.” she demeaned. She did so and was made to finish the jar afraid to know what her punishment would be.

        She was allowed to watch TV but soon felt the urge pee and poop. She thought about asking to use the bath room but remembered the rules. She let herself pee but couldn’t get herself to poo. “mommy” she called getting up and walking over to her in her room. “I cant get myself to poop in my diaper.” she complained. “Ok, come here” she took her into her room and she got up and laid on the bed, her mom hang a bag next to the bed with a long tube on it then pulled down her diaper some goop was put on her behind and the tube was inserted into her. She gripped the bed as warm liquid slide into her after a little bit it stopped and the tube was removed. Her diaper was pulled up and she sat on the bed as her bowls relaxed and she messed herself. She started too cry and her mom comforted her. “its time for your night time change anyway” she laid her back and undid her, lifted her by her ankles cleaned her up and put a new diaper on her. “good night sweetheart.” her mother kissed her on the forehead and gave her, her bear and she fell asleep once again.

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  • bigbabybrian33
    bigbabybrian33 its a good start, pwease continue da stowy? also couls u possably add some bondage into the stowy? and maybe have her brother share her diaper punishment for constently laughing at her?
    May 30, 2011 - 1 likes this
  • wantstobediapered
    wantstobediapered i plan on it. thanks for the comment =3 i read a few of the stories on here (while they were good in story lie they were very annoying to read with out commas or quotations) i've been writing a story i'm thinking about publishing and this is kinda a remak...  more
    May 30, 2011
  • kendallc4051
    kendallc4051 that was awesome!!!! keep it up. i cant wait for more
    May 31, 2011