Would you have fun with your baby?

Posted April 6 by babybruh  -  135 views  -  27 takes

You have a baby boy and 8-year old girl. The baby boy mad a poo poo in his diaper and you ask the gilr to change him. As she starts she imeddiatly messes herself aswell. What would you do in this...

Sweetest Angel or Naughtiest Baby

Posted January 26 by Swediaper  -  256 views  -  66 takes

A little quiz to see if you are the sweetest angel or the naughtiest baby

How are you in public

Posted January 16 by Mick  -  311 views  -  71 takes

You caretakes decides to take you to a ride in public to spend some time. How do you act? Are you a good little? A naughty one? Let's see!

Your Halloween Night

Posted October 31, 2014 by M4ChInE44135  -  491 views  -  103 takes

It's Halloween! You normally do Halloween stuffs, but this year you do Halloween stuff with diapers on! What should you do on your Halloween night. The result may not be what you do on Halloween...


Posted September 17, 2014 by Mick  -  588 views  -  113 takes

It's bedtime! How is you baby bedtime routine?

Would you be Regressed?

Posted July 10, 2014 by WittleBabyCF  -  1,064 views  -  146 takes

You're babysitting your little cousin when suddenly they have an accident in their pants. You laugh a little and tease them for being such a baby. Will this just be another silly little...

Do you love your teddy bear.

Posted July 3, 2014 by littlepoopyface  -  371 views  -  57 takes

I love my teddy's and thay are a big part of my life.But i want to no if you do.

Can you be a diaper sooper man.

Posted June 30, 2014 by littlepoopyface  -  430 views  -  61 takes

Hy can you be a diaper sooper man take this to find out.

What Kind of Poopy Baby Are You?

Posted June 22, 2014 by poopygirl1  -  1,109 views  -  152 takes


How Often Do You Wet Your Pants?

Posted June 22, 2014 by poopygirl1  -  890 views  -  116 takes

How often do you wet your pants? Maybe you need diapers!

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