Would you be Regressed?

Posted July 10 by WittleBabyCF  -  395 views  -  71 takes

You're babysitting your little cousin when suddenly they have an accident in their pants. You laugh a little and tease them for being such a baby. Will this just be another silly little...

Do you love your teddy bear.

Posted July 3 by littlepoopyface  -  158 views  -  43 takes

I love my teddy's and thay are a big part of my life.But i want to no if you do.

Can you be a diaper sooper man.

Posted June 30 by littlepoopyface  -  176 views  -  35 takes

Hy can you be a diaper sooper man take this to find out.

What Kind of Poopy Baby Are You?

Posted June 22 by poopygirl1  -  385 views  -  82 takes


How Often Do You Wet Your Pants?

Posted June 22 by poopygirl1  -  363 views  -  78 takes

How often do you wet your pants? Maybe you need diapers!

Diaper boys straight, bi, or gay.

Posted June 18 by derekallen  -  311 views  -  65 takes

Gay, straight, bi, sissy, daddy/big bro, do u wear diapers.

Life in a Diaper World

Posted May 4 by Machine44135  -  523 views  -  119 takes

An agent brought you into a world where diapers are very important in life and everyone is wearing them! But the more you stay, the more you learn about this world. Will you adapt and stay in this...

Should I get a spanking

Posted April 8 by naughtyboy6969  -  305 views  -  61 takes

I've been leading some lady on about being my new mommy. This relationship had been online and we had never met. She lives near Barborsville west virginia. Lately she had been getting pretty...

How attached to your caretaker are you?

Posted December 26, 2013 by babygirlkaitlyn  -  359 views  -  63 takes

Daddy's gone. Are you happy about the alone time? Do you miss him a little during the day? Or do you start crying? Lets see (If you have a mommy, then replace "daddy" with mommy or whomever you...

How good are you during the night?

Posted December 26, 2013 by babygirlkaitlyn  -  420 views  -  82 takes

Do you let Dada sleep well in the night? Or do you wake him up? See the results... WARNING: MAY BE GROSS!

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