How well do you potty train?

Posted November 12 by DYKST  -  158 views  -  42 takes

Mom and Dad have taken your diapers and given you pull-ups instead. It's time to potty train, what do you do? 

Adult Baby or Diaper Lover??

Posted August 2 by Michineld  -  742 views  -  121 takes

An alternate way to tell if you are an Adult Baby or a Diaper Lover. This quiz is based on random stuff, the result may not be your type; play for fun.

How do you react?

Posted August 1 by DaphneFairy  -  857 views  -  142 takes

A quick quiz to determine how you would react to your fantasy coming true.

Are you a naughty or a good Baby

Posted July 31 by Swediaper  -  350 views  -  80 takes

Mommy/Daddy is gone for a couple of hours and left you with a babysitter. While the babysitter is watching TV will you be a good or a bad baby?

Chance of Getting Caught

Posted May 7 by Michineld  -  826 views  -  133 takes

Love to venture out in diapers? See if you'll ever get caught or spotted. Take this quiz everytime you venture out, for fun!

Do you need your Pampers?

Posted May 5 by Babydiapyboy11  -  1,108 views  -  142 takes

Are you still a little baby who cant keep their pants dry and needs your Pampers? 

Would you have fun with your baby?

Posted April 6 by babybruh  -  531 views  -  77 takes

You have a baby boy and 8-year old girl. The baby boy mad a poo poo in his diaper and you ask the gilr to change him. As she starts she imeddiatly messes herself aswell. What would you do in this...

Sweetest Angel or Naughtiest Baby

Posted January 26 by Swediaper  -  450 views  -  89 takes

A little quiz to see if you are the sweetest angel or the naughtiest baby

How are you in public

Posted January 16 by Mick  -  567 views  -  102 takes

You caregiver decides to take you to a ride in public to spend time and have fun. How do you act? Are you a good little? A naughty one? Let's see!

Your Halloween Night

Posted October 31, 2014 by Michineld  -  773 views  -  131 takes

It's Halloween! You normally do Halloween stuffs, but this year you do Halloween stuff with diapers on! What should you do on your Halloween night. The result may not be what you do on Halloween...

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