my girlfriend don't mind me being in diappers 24/7

hi, my name shane and i wear diappers 24/7 because of medical problems, I also live in england which makes it very hard too wear diappers in public. But i dont care wot people say or think as i still wear them everywhere i go, my story is simple but very true i have suffered inncontince from an early age in my life and was embarrassed by it and i never had the gutts too tell my family back then, till one fatal night when i was wearing a diapper i got caught by my family and they all laughed and called me names. At first i was upset but i then became aware of my problems and sat down with my family and told them my i wear them, they eventually accepted my probs and are fine with it. As i got older i still wore them 24/7 and got married but i never told my wife i wear diappers untill she caught me in them and she laughed and said i'm no a real man then divorced me. A  few years went by i'm now with a loverly girlfriend and she understand my problems and helps change me aswell. I hope this real story helps others with same problems like me, Do not be shy or embarrassed by wot we wear 24/7 be more confident as others out there in the world have medical, sexual, drugs problems ect ect.

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