The magical store


I remember reading a story like this -Somewhere- I've tried finding it with no luck. If you recognize the idea, or know what it might be I would appreciate a link. I have in no way stolen or copied any of the text outright because it's been years since I even read it. I only remember the 'idea' of it.

This scenario can in no way happen and is only a fantasy. The character is named 'shin' because it's the closest thing to a real name that is similar to my nickname. Shin is actually a Japanese name for boys. The character only similarity is his name.

Warning: This doesn't contain true diaper content. I could force it, but then it would become very predictable. No. I intend for this to be more innocent.

When I was done with the story, the chapter was messed up. Style, font size and the like is different. Please ignore that.


i've always been fascinated by magic. It's the reason why I read fantasy novels and purchase any game where magic is important. I d'like to think I've seen 'every' spell they can think off. Fire ball? Seen that. Flamethrower? Seen that? Fire storm? Seen that. The mentioned but with water, ice, lightening or something else? I've all seen them one time or another.




Found this awesome place in town. Owners got some sort of safe stuff to make you 'dream' of whatever you wish and it appears all real! I just got an hour of harem action and it only cost me fifty bucks!


Shin took note of the address, and decided to check it out. He was bored so why not? Shin was just a regular guy. Green eyes, brown, blondish hair but fairly skinny. Not the most handsome of guys but not outright ugly either. Shin was really shy though. To the point he was actually scared of girls. You might think that's funny but when it happens to you not so much.


So yhea, virgin at twenty five with only your right hand as your only company. Not exactly the most inspiring. Shin never bothered to take a second look at the e-mail or he would have noticed it had deleted itself.

Shin arrived fourty five minutes later in the city where the store supposedly was. He parked his car, locked it, double checked how much money he had with him and then walked to the store his friend had mentioned. It was shin's bad luck that he hadn't bothered to turn on the radio or he would've heard the warnings of a summer storm coming over the country. A storm that could catch you by surprise in minutes.


Shin's care was a good ten to fifteen minutes away. After taking a slow relaxing walk, window shopping along the while, shin found the story and entered. For a moment he thought the story was empty. But then he blinked and there were rows and rows of toys of all ages. The stuff around him were interesting but not exactly something a twenty five year old could be seen playing with.


Shin had had a decent childhood. Anything he could have wanted he could have weaselled out of his parents. There was one thing he didn't like about his childhood though. He had loved to play with this toy cars when he was younger. His mum had mentioned a few times he was getting too old for it and eventually he had gotten embarassed and had stopped. A part of him wanted to be able to go back to a little boy just so he had an excuse to play with his cars again without having to worry about it being appropriate.

"It's not like I know anyone around here. So why not take a closer look around?" Shin asked himself. It was only then that he heard the thunder followed by a loud CRACK.


Shin turned around only for his eyes to widen at the blackest cloud he had ever seen in a looong time.

"What the fuck happened to the sunshine just a few minutes ago?" Shin asked himself.


"Sir what are you doing here? It's been on the news for the last few hours that a dangerous storm was coming. People were urged to put their cars high up and to take safety measures for a sudden flooding." The new man informed shin.

A lightening bolt underlined the seriousness of the man's words.


"Listen, I'm not about to send you out there in that weather. Since you found my store and were able to enter, you are in need of my services so why don't I give you the special treatment for my cheapest price to give you a taste of what I can do? Twenty dollars. Even if you refuse that's fine. My apartment is on second floor so we can just wait the storm out."


"What does the 'special' treatment do exactly?" Shin asked curiously.


"Do you believe in magic sir?" The man asked. "But where are my manners? My name is Richard Rahl."


Shin immediately thought about the character of the laws of magic series by terry goodkind but dismisses it immediately. It was a coincidence nothing more.


"I wish..." Shin admitted.


"And what would you do with it if you had all the magic prowers you could wish for without any training? just think about the effect, point -or not- and VOILA whatever you wanted happens!"


Shin considered for a moment to answer the question. Should he mention he always wanted to be a bad ass sorcerer who could flatten a whole city block, an entire city with a few spells? Nah! He had seen what that sort of power did to people.


Richard was waiting and listening quietly. His newest customer wasn't wanting power for power's sake. Perhaps this wouldn't turn into a punishment after all.


Shin's thoughts returned to the toys in the store for a brief moment. Jumping from one subject to another making it very confusing to listen to.


"That's odd, it's like this guy -Richard- doesn't even know what's in his store. Should I tell this guy about the toy thing? It's not like I know him -NO!- What the hell am I thinking? Why would i want to tell a complete stranger that my mum ruined my fun when I played with my toy cars when I was a brat by embarrassing me with them by accident?" Shin asked himself.


"It's not like she did that on purpose only that she unintentionally stopped me being a child then and there sort of at least. I turned to play station and electronics after. And Lego of course."


"This could be amusing." Richard thought to himself. "I think I got someone who could actually use the enchantments on my store for once."


Richard watched with amusement as the youth wandered off deeper into his story, seemingly ignoring him. Richard followed unaffected by the enchanments himself as the youth litterally lost years of his years along with his memories. This was only temporarily. After all, Richard wasn't a bad guy. His shop was meant to either teach a lesson to arrogant brat, make them experience a dream with both consequences and no consequences and the most rare of all, to work the enchantments of his store to their full power.

His store would adapt to his customer. The previous one was a perv. Had the dream of having a harem. Nothing unusual for a younger guy. He had been in a good mood so there were no consequences with that one.

The full power of his story would make the experience real. In this case, his customer was growing younger as appropriate to the toys. His clothing shifted along with it. The man, child by now noticed nothing different. The child kept shrinking until Richard had a child in his store that might as well be a toddler. Thankfully his enchantments were very thorough so they stopped before the pre-potty training age.

Richard watched as his store created a 'play corner' with all the toys the child could want. He did not feel embarrassed because he was playing toy cars. He didn't care for anything. Again, Richard was thankful that his enchantments were very thorough. After a while the child got tired. His store reacted once more and created a corner to take a nap.

As the young child, then child, followed by his teenager years until he was back an adult walked to the corner he had no idea of the changes he had gone through. The corner had adapted into a camping bed where the young man nearly crashed on.

Richard decided to make sure the boy slept through the storm. He could go back to his home tomorrow.


To be continued?

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